Weekly Weigh-In: Week 17

Week 17: 326

Weight Lost This Week: 7

Total Weight Lost: 64 pounds

I know I say this often, but weight loss is weird. I’m not currently exercising – haven’t really had the energy and the weather has had everything aching, and I’m not even being all that exacting on what I’m eating. I mean, I am aiming to stay under 1200, but there are days (like yesterday) when I eat things that I don’t really know the calorie count (hubby made cabbage rolls, but they had a ton of extra cheese in them and probably higher fat ground beef) but somehow it’s all still working out. At least for now.

Definitely not complaining though!! I’ll take what I can get. 🙂


Weekly Weigh-In: Week 15

Week 15: 338

Weight Lost This Week: 0 (gained 4 pounds)

Total Weight Lost: 52 pounds

To be fair, there were 2 birthdays, my dad was in town, and it was that time of the month. On the other hand, even though I ate a ton of crap this week, I don’t think I should have gained 4 pounds from it. There were only 2 days that I was WAY, WAY over and on most of the others I was on-target or my exercise calories came pretty close to canceling out the overages (normally I don’t eat them back, but some do) – so this much of a gain seems to be excessive. Especially given that my 1200 a day calorie goal is quite a ways under what most programs say that I need to eat in order to lose (like most put me around 1700), so even if I’m not losing anything, I shouldn’t be gaining either. Oh well… on to a new week and getting back on track.

The really sad part – except for the day I ate at Outback (and the birthday cakes), most of the food I ate wasn’t that great and I ended up regretting eating it almost immediately. What’s the fun of eating if you can’t enjoy it? 😦

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 13

Week 13: 336

Weight Lost This Week: 3 pounds

Total Weight Lost: 54 pounds

Weight loss is so weird. Anyhoo… I actually weighed in on Thursday this week, because I’ll be technically out of town most of Friday – only going about 20 minutes down the road, but didn’t want to have to mess with traffic and parking so we got a hotel (might as well take a mini-vacay when I can. LOL).

#RaleighSuperCon FTW!! Hubby wants to meet Michael Rooker and Jason Mews, so off we go. It goes without saying that I probably won’t be eating all that well Thursday night and Friday, but at least this way I’ll know where I was and can better judge the damage. Will try not to go too overboard though. XD


Just Not Meant to Be

Despite my frustrations on the weeks where I don’t lose much, obviously I am losing weight consistently, and after thinking it over for a while, I’ve decided not to have the surgery.

I had told my doctor in the beginning that if I was going to do it, it had to be no later than the very beginning of August (and even that was pushing it) and even though I got all my stuff done early, the last appointment I needed (for an EGD), they couldn’t schedule until the end of July. Which, of course, pretty much screwed me (since they still have to submit everything to the insurance and wait for it all to be approved). I’d already been having some doubts anyways, so rather than try to cram everything in last minute (and hope it all somehow managed to work itself out), I took it as a sign and cancelled the whole thing.

Honestly, I’m glad. The more I thought about it, I really, really was uncomfortable with messing around with my insides. I mean, if they’d done it when I went in for my first appointment, that would have been fine, but giving me all this time to think about it – not good. XD Besides, I’m already able to restrict what I eat – most of the time anyways – so physically making my stomach smaller doesn’t seem like it will make that much of a difference. And I’m worried that if I have days when I feel like I’m starving, I don’t want to not be able to eat if I want to. I want to lose the weight, but I also don’t want to be totally miserable while I’m doing it (at least not more so than I already am).

I will still continue to work on losing the weight and I will still continue to follow up with the doctor regularly (they have a non-surgical team as well), maybe not every month, but at least every 2-3 months. That way I have some sort of accountability. If I try to do it on my own I will totally failsauce. Definitely don’t want to do that. Plus the oldest is getting married in early October, so I still have a good reason (well… at least another good reason) for keeping on keeping on. With a bit of luck, I could be under 300lbs by then (or at least pretty close), which would be AWESOME!!!

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 10

Week 10: 344

Weight Lost This Week: 3 pounds

Total Weight Lost: 46 pounds

As disappointed as I was last week, this week, I’m really not. I was on track to lose probably closer to 5 pounds, but I had a planned cheat day on Wednesday (Endless Fondue at The Melting Pot – like anyone can resist that one!!), and that slowed me down a bit. I’d actually been doing extra exercise all week to compensate, and even did double my normal swim Wednesday morning, but that proved to be overkill and I’ve been pretty useless ever since.

I did have my official 3rd visit to the doctor Wednesday afternoon, and I weighed 343 pounds there, but then went on to eat a literal ton of food that evening, so not surprised that I went up slightly. But I am back to eating like I should be, so all is good for next week.


Week 9: 347

Weight Lost This Week: 2 pounds

Total Weight Lost: 43 pounds

Not as much as I’d hoped – was really looking to stay at 3-4 pounds loss a week for a bit longer, but guess it’s better than nothing. It’s just frustrating to know that I’m eating at a huge deficit, along with exercising 3-4 times a week (and not eating back those calories either) and not having a whole lot to show for it. Makes it very hard to stay motivated.

(realistically, i know 2 pounds is good, but when you have a long, long way to go – it really sucks)