Weekly Weigh-In: Week 44

Week 44 Current Weight: 282

Pounds Lost This Week: 0 (gained 4)

Total Weight Lost: 108 pounds

Birthday week. It was a given that I’d gain a couple pounds, we ate at Olive Garden Sunday (Valentine’s/Birthday) and then last night I went to see Black Panther (awesome!!) and had a pile of chicken tenders along with cake. So like, yeah… But still, I stayed within goal 5 of 7 days (along with still working out) and yesterday morning, I was still weighing in at 278. So four pounds just because I ate food yesterday!!?




Weekly Weigh-In: Week 42

Week 42 Current Weight: 278

Pounds Lost This Week: 1

Total Weight Lost: 112 pounds

Still a bit frustrated. I worked my ass off this week and only lost 1 pound. Like – no full on cheat days, ate at my calorie goal most days, only had a couple days where I was over by 100-200 calories, but that should have been more than cushioned by the extra workouts. So…. 1 freaking pound really just pisses me off. This is why I quit going to the gym last time, because I quit losing weight. I mean, in theory, I’m gaining muscle, so I’m going to stick it out for the duration of the challenge and see if I start dropping again. But it’s really hard to stick to something that’s supposed to be making you healthier when it doesn’t seem to be making a positive difference.

On the plus side, I really like doing TRX, and doing the routines isn’t totally killing me anymore. So that’s something.

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 41

Week 41 Current Weight: 279

Pounds Lost This Week: 0

Total Weight Lost: 111 pounds

I know that starting an exercise routine can cause water retention, and to be fair, I had a couple bad days, but I took a friend out for her birthday and honestly, due to the exercising, I felt like I was starving all week. Made it very hard to stick to my goals. So sucks that I didn’t lose anything, but at least I didn’t gain either. On to the next week. 🙂

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 40

Week 40 Current Weight: 279

Pounds Lost This Week: 3

Total Weight Lost: 111 pounds

This week I started a “Transformation Challenge” thingy at my gym. Because we ended up having #snowmageddon2018, today ended up being the first time I could actually get to the gym (other than Monday’s quick weigh-in/measurements appointment). In the short-term, I’m probably going to be hating myself, but long-term (hopefully), this will help motivate me and help me tone up some. Today, for example, we worked on arms – if I can move them tomorrow, it will probably be a miracle. On the positive side… I got down on the floor and back up again without falling over or wanting to die. This is progress!! XD

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 39

Week 39 Current Weight: 282

Pounds Lost This Week: 0

Total Weight Lost: 108 pounds

I’ve been sick most of the week and though I didn’t have any major cheat days, I was over my goal almost every day.  Particularly the last couple since I was eating cough drops like candy, and though individually they don’t have a lot of calories, it adds up. So I’m a little disappointed, but not super surprised that I didn’t lose anything. At this point I’m pretty miserable, so I’m going to be comfy any way I can – even if it means eating a couple extra bites of stuff.


Weekly Weigh-In: Week 36

Week 36 Current Weight: 284

Pounds Lost This Week: 4

Total Weight Lost: 106 pounds

As excited as I am, I’m almost positive I’m going to gain back at least a few this coming week. Not that we are having a giant Christmas dinner or anything, but still won’t be counting much either for a day or two. But that’s ok. Anyways… Have a marvelous holiday!!!


Weekly Weigh-In: Week 35

Week 35 Current Weight: 288

Pounds Lost This Week: 3

Total Weight Lost: 102 pounds

Despite struggling mightily the last couple weeks, I have officially dropped just over 100 pounds since April!!! Honestly, I’m surprised I’m doing as well as I am, because my food choices the last few weeks (since Thanksgiving) haven’t been all that great, and I’ve been over calories quite a bit (hubby bought another box of Krispy Kreme – what was I supposed to do!!?), but I’ve also been adding short workouts at home as well. And, I do mean short – less than 10 minutes for now, but it’s extra movement, which hopefully I can build up to more. So whatever it is that I’m doing, it’s working, so just going to keep trying to make better choices and moving more when I have the extra spoons. Otherwise… celebrating!!

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 34

Week 34 Current Weight: 291

Pounds Lost This Week: 2

Total Weight Lost: 99 pounds

The one on the left is from mid-November, while the one on the right is from December 2016. It’s worth noting that the one on the right, I had to hold my head and the camera at just the right angle to make myself look less fat, while the newer one is taken pretty much straight on. I still can’t believe the differences sometimes.


Weekly Weigh-In: Week 32

Week 32 Current Weight: 300

Pounds Lost This Week: 0 (gained 9)

Total Weight Lost: 90 pounds

I knew this week was going to be bad. I mean, not only Thanksgiving, but my dad was in town and honestly, I felt like I was starving all week – so I made a ton of bad food choices and was over my daily goals pretty much every day. But still… with couple of exceptions, I was under 2000 calories a day most of the week, so 9 pounds seems like an excessive amount to gain back. I know it’s mostly water weight and will probably drop back off once I get back on track, but that doesn’t make me feel much better at the moment.